Commitments Made for Safe Shelter Solutions


Leaders of the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness partnered with Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards to convene an online “Safe Shelter Summit” on Dec. 21. This date was chosen because it is National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day. The purpose of the Summit was to publically make requests for help in developing shelter options for this winter, as well as other solutions to homelessness. Nearly 200 people attended. In the weeks since the initial gathering, many government entities, businesses and nonprofits have stepped forward with specific commitments. The Coalition reconvened the community on Jan. 25 to share progress and showcase these commitments during another online gathering called “Safe Shelter Summit II: Taking Action.”

Associated Ministries made the following commitment, which was shared at the Summit on the 25th :

Associated Ministries has long played a key role in assisting local faith communities to serve our vulnerable neighbors, and we commit to increasing those efforts. We commit to strengthening our work to build strong relationships between private landlords and the service providers seeking creative options to establish housing for vulnerable clients. We commit not to just continue our current homeless programs, but to work to expand them by advocating for new funding and resources. We commit to effectively serve communities which are disproportionately impacted by homelessness by integrating racial equity and social justice principles and practices into our work culture and policies, as well as into service delivery throughout our community.

The Coalition to End Homelessness is a network of individuals, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses who meet regularly and work together to serve people experiencing homelessness. AM staff members participate in their Provider Meeting every Friday, as well as at the Safe Shelter Summit and other gatherings. To learn more about the Coalition and their initiatives, please visit their website at

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