Remember 1969?

That was the year that Associated Ministries (AM) was officially started as a nonprofit.  1969 was also the year of the first landing on the moon, we were watching Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on television, and we were listening to the Beatles “Abbey Road”.   At Associated Ministries, Reverend Bruce Foreman was called to be the founding “Metropolitan Minister”. Under the leadership of Rev. Foreman, the agency developed a solid organizational base and broadened its constituency to include over 100 churches. 

There have been many activities here at AM over the years including developing programs that have spun off into their own nonprofit, moving into our current building in 1988 (30 years this year!) and becoming an inclusive, interfaith agency.  We are grateful to the many individuals, faith communities and groups we have had with us over the years, and are hoping that they might have some stories to share. 

Whether you received services as a client, were a staff member, volunteered, or connected in a different way, we would like to hear from you!  Please send any stories, anecdotes and/or pictures you would like to share with other to And keep watching for more news to come about our 50th celebration events!

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