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Youth homelessness program closing December 1

Associated Ministries (AM) is sad to announce that by the end of December, after 3 years in operation, the Youth Advancement & Housing (YAH) program will be closing operations of the two residences in the Graham area.


The YAH young men’s residence.

Every year the YAH program successfully received competitive funding through Pierce County Community Connections to operate this vital program in the Bethel School District. But in addition to being competitive, funding for transitional housing programs has continued to decrease over the last 2 years in Pierce County and throughout the nation. Tough decisions were made to best manage the very limited resources that are available within the homeless system and this year YAH and several other programs did not receive the level of funding they requested.


The YAH young women’s residence.

This news has been met with deep sadness and concern from our young adult clients still living in the YAH homes. Associated Ministries is committed to preventing all of our residents from entering homelessness following the closure of the YAH program and AM staff are working with them to find immediate housing.

We would like to extend our immense gratitude to our esteemed partner and guide, the Bethel School District, for working alongside Associated Ministries over the last 3 years, devoted to the well-being of students experiencing homelessness in their district. Thank you for helping us and the entire community understand the persistent work and heart necessary to ensure that unincorporated Pierce County has advocates and resources for the most marginalized members of their community.

We are also grateful to the Spanapark Lions, Eagle Scouts, Kiwanis Rotary Club, Key Bank, and so many more individual community members who hoped to support and connect with YAH residents. Thank you all.

Our hopes for solutions does not end with the YAH program. Associated Ministries will continue to build relationships and partner with others in the cause of ending child, youth and young adult homelessness throughout Pierce County.

Village Keepers Tacoma – Free Friday Meals

Village Keepers Tacoma is serving free meals to youth, young adults and their families at the Peoples Community Center in Tacoma. The Community Dinner is every Friday from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Additional Lunch Service Dates & Times:

  • March 21st 12-2pm
  • April 4th 12-2pm
  • April 5th 12-2pm
  • April 6th 12-2pm
  • April 7th 12-2pm
  • April 8th 12-2pm

Interested in giving a hand? Reach out to us via email village_keepers@yahoo.com phone 253-693-8165 or on Twitter @villagefirst1