White Feather Re-Entry Receives Community Pillar Award

by Ivette Perez-Morales & Juanita Contreras, AM Housing Specialists

In our endeavor to end homelessness, we as an agency continue to find amazing partners in our community dedicated to helping us do that. Our community is blessed with many pillars to this work. This month we felt honored to have Kevin Gonzalez and Lesta Rogers from White Feather Re-Entry accept our Community Pillar Award.  An amazing advocate for the clients we serve, Kevin goes out of his way to ensure that individuals who are having the hardest time finding housing are able to do so in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, an environment that wants to see people thrive and become independent. In order to achieve this, Kevin works with the individual and AM housing specialists, providing clear explanations of housing options, assisting with logistics and providing openings for housing whenever they come available.  Kevin gives a whole new and beautiful meaning to the phrase going above and beyond!  Kevin, Lesta and White Feather stand up and stand out in this community for the work they do to provide clients with a dignified, sustainable home.

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